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optigo opens a window on the internet of things - security cameras

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-07
optigo opens a window on the internet of things  -  security cameras
Optigo-based network preparation expands by providing new tools for the following featuresa-
Browse graphic information about the status and security of wireless systems in commercial buildings, from climate control to security cameras, which connect everything.
Driven by Danny Cam, new director and strategic partner consultant, the company is expanding from its core business of network-free user devices --
What is widely known in the "Internet of Things" is that --
Network monitoring, optimization and monitoring.
"Optigo turns the black box of the network into a glass box so you can really see what's going on inside," Kam said . ".
"This is the business aspect that I want them to be aware.
"The presence of Kam in Optigo, as a well-known technology communicator, is a strong sign that big things are about to happen.
Kam is a network industry veteran with experience at Bell north research and Nortel Networks and recently left B. C.
There, his engineering division has tripled in size and revenue has grown from $100 million to $0. 27 billion in two years.
The video surveillance company now has a market capitalization of more than $0. 7 billion.
Kam also serves as R & D Director for Ericsson Canada, which has increased its membership from 60 to more than 200 in three years.
"I don't have to look for innovation, and I'm looking for a product that meets the needs of the market," Kam said . " He joined Optigo in October.
"Who is your customer?
Optigonetworks connects cameras, climate control, fire monitoring, alarms, and other devices.
The company's updated InSight product provides graphic information on easy-to-understand system performance and energy consumption, potential equipment failures, and security holes.
"Today's network solutions for companies like Cisco or HP are very complex and require an IT degree to understand, but security and building automation companies only want a system that they can understand," said Kam.
"This is the gap that I have known for a long time and obviously there is a market for a solution.
Kit similar to InSight-
Called visual BACnet-
Being launched as a software package that can be used to monitor and manage building automation systems designed by other major network providers.
"When I joined Optigo, what I said is that you need to change the way you think, you are no longer a startup, you are an expansion company," Kam said . ".
"It's exciting that, as far as the product is concerned, there is now enough ammunition for them to buy.
That's what they plan to do.
With the recent cash injection from angel investors --including Kam —
With revenue from optiongo's established Optical Ethernet and IP network services, the company is ready to move in a new direction.
"The advantages of Optigo in the future will be reflected in such software solutions, although (
Network hardware)
"Optigo Connect is a powerful and mature product," Opti said . ".
"We will continue to build on the basis of the connection with the new software.
The Internet of Things is a term used to describe devices connected over the Internet, such as heating and safety systems in people's homes, which increases efficiency and sometimes is just a "cool factor", pook said.
Yao Ping, CEO of Optigo who was appointed B. C.
B's most promising startup last yearC.
Association of technology industries.
"Maybe that means your phone doorbell rings, or the oven tells the smoke alarm not to get excited during the meal time," Yao said . ".
But when these systems run commercial buildings full of dangerous environments such as workers or refineries, the goal of safety and security takes up a larger portion.
"In the industrial sector, Equipment networking is to make money, but it is mainly to save the cost of a lot of networked equipment networking to improve throughput," he said . ".
"In the commercial space --
Shopping center, library, office
The goal is to be efficient and comfortable, so developers have the opportunity to integrate technology into these spaces to gain an advantage with potential tenants.
"Optigo's visual kit allows building operators to view the equipment and its performance in a way that is usually opaque, and this can lead to expensive downtime and lengthy trouble shooting.
"If you have 1,000 devices and they all consume power in a predictable way, it's easy to see outliers when you visually cover them, yao Ming said those who did too much or too much.
"This could mean a device failure or a hacking.
"And it's better to know earlier.
"When everything is connected, everything is likely to be the door to hackers," Yao said . ".
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