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National Lampoon-themed Christmas display causes panic - best cctv camera

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-24
National Lampoon-themed Christmas display causes panic  -  best cctv camera
A family tries to win the neighborhood Christmas lights race, eventually causing panic among passers-
Thought a man was trapped on the roof.
The Heerlein family in Austin, Texas decided to recreate the decorative scene during the Christmas holiday in the National Orchid poon with the hanging Clark Griswald.
In this scene, Clark, played by Chevy Chase, slid off the roof of his house while adding lights and finally swayed from the ditch.
So the Heerlein family hung up a dangling Clark on the front and center of the decor, but when veteran Alfred Norwood, Jr. , walked away one day, he was blown away.
He believed that someone was really in pain, so he picked up the ladder to try to help, called the police, and even tried to wave to the passing car.
Mr. Norwood was photographed on surveillance footage to help the apparent victims.
He told ABC 13: "I'm trying to disappoint him as much as I can.
He said nothing but when I started talking to him!
"Then I thought, 'Oh, my God, I hope he's not dead. call 911.
According to police, Norwood's phone call was not the first phone call the police received about the black Lein House.
The man behind the decoration, Chris heinein, and his sister-in-
After the incident, law Leah Wheless tracked Mr. Norwood and gave him a gift card.
MS said: "He is doing everything he can to get the ladder!
"He did not give up.
No matter what he does, he will save old Clark Griswald.
"Since then, the family has added a sign to their display asking people not to call 911.
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