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montreal general fixing security cameras after years of glitches - security cameras

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-08
montreal general fixing security cameras after years of glitches  -  security cameras
The Montreal General Hospital is taking unprecedented steps to replace all of its 173 surveillance cameras in the coming months, as the monitoring system has generally failed over the years, the Montreal Gazette learned.
However, despite the start of the upgrade, no real-time cameras are currently planned to be installed at the main security desk so that guards can see the psychiatric emergency room on Sunday. 3, 2017.
That night, due to budget cuts, there were no guards on duty at the psychiatric hospital and no one on duty at the main desk at Cedar Avenue. —
The center of the monitoring system-
Because there is no live broadcast, I can see that the attack is going on.
Officials at the McGill University Health Center last week ordered a series of repairs to the camera system after a reporter started asking.
But the repair work went so hastily that some camera feeds that should be grouped together by the hospital department were inadvertently scattered on the monitor at the main service desk, the source told the Bulletin.
On Thursday, Matieu Jett, coordinator of emergency measures at MUHC, sent an internal memorandum, call on all employees to "ask anyone who looks suspicious" and "people who are not walking around your area with a muhc id card ".
The memo does not mention that all cameras of general Montreal will be replaced next fall.
"Be careful, be vigilant and improve your ability to react to identify behavior, people or suspicious objects," jeté said in the memo . ".
"Please do not hesitate to ask questions or report suspicious behavior.
"The staff reading the memo told the Bulletin that they were confused and upset about the memo because it popped up.
The only reason Jett gives in the memo is, "with spring coming, I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of some important security tips.
As a primary trauma center, General Montreal regularly treats victims of gang violence.
In addition, it reports that there are more patients and visitors than any other hospital in the province. —
Including lack of training for nurses and guards
Proposed by the Minister of Health, Gatan Barrett.
Temporary head of MUHC, Martine Alfonso, is in the hospital overlooking the city center.
However, before the communiqué began its investigation two weeks ago, MUHC officials did not publicly acknowledge the ongoing problems with the camera system.
On April 16, before the start of the repair, MUHC spokesperson Gilda Salomone confirmed in an email that three digital video recorders (DVRs)
The main security desk at General Montreal was broken and images from more than 60 cameras could not be recorded or viewed.
There are 6 DVRs in total.
"The security agent can't see the activity," Salomone said in the mail . ".
The damaged dvr was replaced on Friday.
However, for more than two years, security personnel have been warning their managers in writing that there are many problems with the camera system
From the missing camera feed to such a blurry image, it is impossible to see anything on the monitor.
MUHC officials did not answer questions about the cost of the camera upgrade, nor did they answer questions about why there was no faster repair.
"We are aware that our aging video surveillance devices need to be upgraded," Salomone said in a statement on April 16 . ".
"So we built
Double penetration.
We are bidding for equipment maintenance and services for the Montreal General Hospital.
We're done.
Technical specifications)
Quote for upgrade of all our hospital video surveillance equipment, except for Glen website.
"MUHC is in charge of general Montreal, the Montreal Neurological and Lachin hospital, and the Glen superhospital, which opened three years ago.
On Friday, Salomone reported that "more than 90 of MGH's cameras are functioning properly.
"Our equipment is maintained every year," she explained . "
"As more and more maintenance is required over the past 12 months, we decided to upgrade all 173 cameras for MGH and are expected to complete the upgrade in the fall of 2018.
Based on nine sources, the Bulletin learned that the Montreal general turned off his power every Thursday morning to test his back,
Since the spare battery does not have enough power, the security camera is turned off for a long time.
Salomone responded that "The plan also includes (an)
Evaluate our battery backup needs.
"MUHC evaded the question of why the main security desk near the Cedar entrance still did not have a live visual feed from the psychiatric hospital and a nurse was almost strangled in September.
In fact, there is a major emergency room and psychiatric hospital next to General Montreal.
The safety booth in the main emergency room also did not have live feed from the psychiatric hospital.
"It doesn't make sense that the main security desk doesn't have the same feedback from a psychiatrist," said a source who agreed to be interviewed anonymously for fear of revenge.
"The main service desk has a feed for the main ER, so why shouldn't it also have a feed for the psychological ER" The main service desk always has a guard, the source explained, while emergency room guards usually have to leave the security room to respond.
For this reason, if there is a disturbance in the area, the main security desk should have a mental hospital camera, the source said.
A reporter confirmed last week that there are black squares on the display screen of the main security desk, not real-time camera images.
Despite a series of repairs on Friday, some monitors still have black squares.
Before the repair, some of the cameras installed on the elevator did not work, showing that the feed from the emergency room was very blurry and that the guard could not identify anything in the image.
The source said that the cameras in the dialysis department and the corridor did not work either.
The sources added that, in fact, there are so many lost messages that the guards can no longer remember what some people should show.
The day after the nurse was killed in a psychiatric hospital, Richard Fahi, human resources director at MUHC, said a night guard would be posted in a psychiatric hospital "until further notice ".
The next day, Alfonso announced that the measure would be permanent.
Since the publication of the Gazette on January-
Intercom report
The conversation did not work properly, and general Montreal assigned fewer guards than other hospitals --
MUHC has made more improvements.
After that, it got a new walkie-talkie.
Talk overnight in the emergency room and assign an extra guard.
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