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Las Vegas police release body-cam footage of officers entering Mandalay Bay hotel room - outdoor camera system

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-24
Las Vegas police release body-cam footage of officers entering Mandalay Bay hotel room  -  outdoor camera system
Las Vegas police exploded at a height with explosives.
Rising hotel suites, one of the most deadly mass shootings by a gunman in modern AmericaS.
History. he was found dead. there were many attacks.
According to the police agency, style weapons and broken windows can see the killing ground at the concert scenecamera videos.
On Wednesday, hours of footage were released from the bodies of two officers.
The worn-out camera showed what some first officers found when they arrived in the room, but did not provide new information about the motives of the atrocities.
On October, Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and injured hundreds, police said.
When he opened fire from the crowd down at the Mandalay Bay suite and then committed suicide while the authorities were closed.
The video shows officials walking into the casino, which is still packed with slot machines and beer drinkers --
I don't know that the gunshots from an outdoor concert have been raining since the 32 th floor.
"You need to take everyone out," an official told two Mandalay Bay security guards . ".
"There's a gunman on it.
He has killed many people.
"The video shows that the officer checked the rooms on 29, 30 and 31 floors in an orderly manner before arriving at the Paddock room on the 32 th.
An official said: "violation! Breach! Breach!
"Before a loud noise and a fire alarm began to sound.
Inside, the body of the paddock can be seen on his back, wearing dark trousers and a long
Sleeve shirt with gloves on the left hand.
When a police special police officer walked out, there was blood stains on the carpet near his head.
Officials in the video mentioned the number of guns scattered around the room, one of whom said there were at least 10 highPower weapons.
An official asked, "Is there any weapons in his side ? ".
The other man replied, "Oh, yes . ".
Others talked about the paddock "blasting out of the window" and pointed out "a whole box of boxes full of AK mags" referring to AK-47 rifle.
Someone saw the police looking behind the curtains, and one caught an attack.
Shoot a rifle from the ledge of the broken window.
An official told others to pay attention to where they stepped.
"I don't know what that is, but there is a wire there," the officer said . ".
Then he turned to the door of the room and said: "He installed the camera on the peep hole and all these things.
This is how these wires are.
A police officer said the attacker had "set up a sophisticated camera system . . . . . . So when the officer came down the corridor, he knew.
The videos also recorded evidence from officials about whether there was a second gunman and found Paddock's driver's license.
Police and the FBI later said they believedyear-
Former accountant and senior accountant
Poker players act alone.
The video did not show what the first officer through the door saw because he did not activate his body --worn camera.
Late Tuesday, the disclosure of police lawyers raised questions about whether officials were complying with departmental policies.
Police spokesman Kara Alstom said on Wednesday that no one in the agency would comment on the videos and whether the first officer followed the proper procedures and did not turn on the camera, or whether he was disciplined for violating the policy.
The department requires officers with body cameras to activate them on phones that interact with residents and search.
The newly released video totaled 1/2 hours, hundreds of hours of body samples
The camera was recorded and did not provide a full view of everything that police found when they entered the paddock suite.
The Associated Press and other media have been charged to obtain videos, 911 recordings, evidence records and interview reports to learn about the reaction of public agencies when the Paddock opened fire for more than 10 minutes, emergency workers and hotel officials.
Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo told reporters on Tuesday that the police investigation was not over and said he believed the release of the video would "further hurt an injured Community ".
"We apologize for this," said the elected director of Metropolitan Police in Las Vegas.
"Everything we see on these videos will never change the fact that we can clarify for you shortly after the crime.
Lombardo referred to the preliminary police report released on January.
The paddock is said to have carefully planned the attack, studied police SWAT tactics, rented a hotel room overlooking an outdoor concert, and investigated potential targets in at least four United States. S. cities.
A lawyer at the police station told a judge that it was time.
Compliance with public record requests from media outletts is time-consuming and expensive, and indicates that the materials may disclose investigative techniques.
But the Nevada Supreme Court last week upheld a state judge's ruling that records must be made public.
Lombardo said on Tuesday that the department will release more recordings in batches in the coming weeks.
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