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Jessica Heeringa Abduction: CCTV Search - best cctv camera

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-24
Jessica Heeringa Abduction: CCTV Search  -  best cctv camera
Michigan police have released a surveillance video showing a silver SUV that could be linked to a 25-year-
The old woman who was kidnapped while she was working
Night Shift at gas station.
At around eleven o'clock P. M. on Friday night, Jessica Hailin went missing at Exxon petroleum on the outskirts of maskigang on the Norton coast of Lake Michigan.
The police said the young mother showed up and she had a 3-year-
The old son was preparing to close the door when she was caught.
They found cash and other items in her bag and said no money was lost on the cash register.
There was no video surveillance at the station, but CCTV cameras at the old home Tavern --
About a mile from the station
Catch a gray or silver vehicle.
Officials said the car was driven by a white man who said the white man was in his 30 s, about 6 feet in height and in the middle
Light brown curly hair.
It is unclear how or whether the SUV or its driver was involved in the disappearance.
Daniel Shaw, head of Norton Coast police, said she might know the kidnappers.
"As a shop assistant, she came into contact with a lot of people," he said . ".
"Most of the people we talked to so far have said that she is a very pleasant person --very sociable -
So she had a conversation with all her customers, so she probably knew the person.
Jessica hailinga is described as white, 5ft in height, with a golden shoulder
Long hair, blue eyes, and possibly wires. rimmed glasses.
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