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hundreds call for cctv at newmarket 'crime hotspot' - security cameras

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-09
hundreds call for cctv at newmarket \'crime hotspot\'  -  security cameras
More than 250 people signed a petition calling on CCTV to follow a path --
It is called the hot spot of violent crime.
Charlotte Green has set up a petition on the sidewalk known as the "yellow brick road" to call for security cameras after a series of robberies, robberies and attacks. The so-
Along Exeter Road, Fred Archer Road and Mount Mill, there is a road called "yellow brick road. As of today (
Tuesday, June 13)
The petition "installed CCTV in the new market of Yellow Brick Road" has 269 signatures --
More than 200 people need the Forest Health District Council to discuss the issue.
Miss Green, who lives in Newmarket and her father is a local policeman and a member of the security neighborhood group, told reporters: "I have believed Newmarket as a gem in the horse racing community since I was a child, it's also a safe place.
"In recent weeks and months, it is possible to return to the closure of the new market police station, with the number of crimes growing exponentially.
She thinks this is because "people know there is no protection along the way, at least 10 minutes away from Mildenhall, the nearest police response ".
The petition appeared to resonate with many signatories who wrote messages of support on the petition.
"As long as I remember, the yellow brick road is in trouble," said signature Suzanne Woods.
When I was a child, my mother always told me to stay awake.
Natalie Jack, another new market resident, said: "I hope that my daughter, friends and family and I will be able to get there and feel safe!
"In the past few months, there have been several violent attacks on the" yellow brick road.
Last Wednesday, two women approached a woman with a knife in an attempt to push her forward to the cash point in an attempt to rob her.
On the evening of May 27, a woman was punched and knives in the attack.
In the March, an 18-year-
A teenage girl was reportedly raped while walking alone in the area, and the elderly were arrested and released on bail.
Other supporters of the petition mentioned other worrying acts on this path.
Ellen Merry said: "I used to use this road a lot and felt vulnerable.
My friend uses this and strangers have been in contact with it.
Miss Green said: "I also know some adults and I have to change the way home line due to recent events and even consider taking a taxi every night because it is not safe to use (the path)
One person, even in small groups.
"I believe CCTV will stop further crimes.
The response to the petition proves that this is important for residents of the new market.
"I am skeptical because it has nothing to do with the horse racing industry;
Will the Council think this is the money they are worth investing in ? " "But I believe it's time to do something before something more serious happens.
"Forest Heath will discuss the petition at the plenary council meeting every eight weeks.
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