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how the cia spies on your everyday life, according to wikileaks - home security systems

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-11
how the cia spies on your everyday life, according to wikileaks  -  home security systems
Since March 7, WikiLeaks has revealed the hacking techniques used by the CIA to weapon mobile phones, monitor them through smart TVs, and load and execute malware on "target machines.
Read more: Little Flying Elephant: WikiLeaks disclosed that the CIA system took over the webcam. In view of the 20 photos released from the No. 7 vault on Thursday, RT reviewed the most explosive revelation of the CIA hacker arsenal, shows how intelligence agencies can monitor you in your own home.
The home security system "dumbo" program was allegedly designed to manipulate the home security system, changing the functionality of the webcam and microphone on Microsoft Windows.
Operating system and breaking video recording.
WikiLeaks suggests that this allows operators to make false or destroy real evidence of their intrusion into the device.
Many of the holes revealed through leaked Vault 7 documents seem to have been designed for ordinary individuals through common devices.
Read more: WikiLeaks released Vault7: "The CIA's full hacking capabilities" it is alleged that the CIA can obtain a range of tools and even target Samsung according to its "crying angel" program
The project involves infiltrating a smart TV into a concealed microphone that can record and store audio.
Android device Google's Android operating system was found to have 24' zero days-the code name of the tool used by the CIA to identify and exploit loopholes and secretly collect personal data.
85% of smartphones around the world, including Samsung and Sony, use the operating system.
By exploiting loopholes in the operating system, data can be accessed from the social information platform, including WhatsApp, Weibo, Telegram and Signal, before encryption is applied.
Another program seems to be specifically designed for mobile devices running Android 4. 0 to 4.
3. allow third parties to intercept and redirect text messages.
Read more: according to the "advanced" document, the CIA can intercept and redirect text messages on Android. Apple products are also not immune to CIA hacking tools.
In fact, Vault 7 revealed a specific department dedicated to hacking attacks on Apple devices.
A tool called "Night Flight" is dedicated to Apple products including iPhone and Macbook Air.
It is said to allow even CIA penetration into the factory.
New iphone and remote tracking and control with full remote command and control.
"According to some leaks, the agency can easily use WiFiWiFi for espionage.
It is alleged that a project called "cherry blossom" monitors, controls and manipulates Internet traffic to connected users for WiFi devices.
No physical access is required to implant firmware on wireless devices, as some devices allow to upgrade firmware over wireless links.
Another malware called Elsa tracks WiFi-
Enable devices running Microsoft Windows, allowing the CIA to collect location data on target devices and monitor their patterns and habits.
Malware allows the CIA to track geographic locations
Location of Wifi
The device is enabled even if it is not connected to the Internet.
Read more: Vault7: CIA's secret cyber weapons can penetrate into the world's safest networks. Most of the malware cited throughout the leak process is for widespread popularity
Many of these programs focus on uploading malware through removable devices such as USB drives.
Some, such as the "savage oooooo" project, are designed to be hidden outside of detection and can even infect devices that have never been connected to the Internet by jumping empty.
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