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homebuyers reveal dream ‘forever home’ – and it’s a two-bed semi detached house - wifi home security

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-22
homebuyers reveal dream ‘forever home’ – and it’s a two-bed semi detached house  -  wifi home security
A study found that ordinary adults are willing to pay more than £ 335,000 for their "forever home.
A survey of 2,000 homeowners found that the first step on the property ladder was twobedroom semi-detached home.
But this will eventually be upgraded to 3-
The bedroom house they plan to live in for the rest of their lives.
For those of you who are currently in the permanent home they describe, they spend an average of nearly 10 years saving money in order to bring cash together to buy.
While 2/5 believe that the House will become an eternal home based on the amount of memory left there, 53% think it all comes down to it being in a perfect position
Angela Bowden, a family insurance specialist at Swindon Insurance, who commissioned the study, said: "Everyone dreams of what their" forever home "will look like or include.
"As we grow older, our families have changed, and our requirements for families have changed-we need enough space for all of our children to grow, but once they use their own way, space is wasted.
"That's why our property journey is so interesting, from the tentative steps of our initial property ownership to the eventual possession of the house we have always dreamed.
"The study found that the average homeowner thought they would have three properties by the age of 65.
Although about one out of every 10 people thinks they will go through at least four other properties before settling down.
This is after they set foot on the property ladder at the age of 28, in a house with an average value of 132,563.
Time buyers in the UK bought an apartment or apartment, while 35 cents moved into a halfdetached house.
After moving to their first position, the British lived here for an average of five years before moving to the next property.
But the study was conducted through a poll.
Com, it's hard to find the third adult to take the first step, and most people are hard to make enough money.
One of the 10 people sadly watched the house they really liked end up selling at a higher price than they could afford.
As a result, 2 out of 5 thought it was harder for the first time --
Compared with 20 years ago, buyers are now on the real estate ladder.
Angela Bowden added: "Our home is probably the most important purchase we have ever had.
"It's interesting that our survey found that 43
45-year-olds prioritize tidying up their wifi access instead of tidying up their home security and making sure their content when they move into their new home.
"The house is at the center of our daily lives, so making sure it's safe, comfortable and insured should be the top priority for any homeowner.
Swinton Insurance developed a quiz to help homeowners find out where they should settle in "forever home.
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