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former ww2 control tower converted into stunning four-bed family home on sale for £1.25m - intruder alarm system

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-11-14
former ww2 control tower converted into stunning four-bed family home on sale for £1.25m  -  intruder alarm system
A control tower in World War II has been transformed into an amazing family home and put on the market for £ 1. 25million. The ex-
The Royal Air Force building was transformed into an elegant four
About three years ago, the bedroom property had incredible views of the surrounding countryside. More than 70-years-
Previously, the building was located in the control tower of the Royal British air force fendor Gask in Clapham, Perthshire.
The extraordinary history of the military base dates back to 1941 when exiled Polish workers built grass runways after fleeing persecution in their home country.
The house is laid on four floors, and there is a vast garden extending to about one floor.
2 acres, separate double garage or triple garage is also being built.
The Royal Air Force (finfindo Gask) was used to train pilots and put in a US-made war Squadron. planes -
It was not until the year before the end of the war that Flight 51 began.
The base is also home to the Polish Army.
Squadron 309,1942 took off from the Royal British air force fendo Gark.
On August 1940, the United Kingdom and Poland signed a mutual assistance agreement to allow the formation of Air Force Forces in the UK.
Prior to the final retirement of the base and control tower, it lived in Camp 233 with German prisoners of war and worked on the surrounding farmland until 1948.
No trace of war.
In addition to the converted control tower, the time airport still exists.
After extensive renovations, this family home has an open "top deck" with panoramic views of the County of Perthshire countryside, with windows on the north side overlooking where the three grass runways used to be
Intercom system, intruder alarm, fire alarm, CCTV and electric door are also included in the sale.
Seller Clyde Real Estate said in their brochure: "It can be said to be one of the rarest and most unique houses in the Scottish market.
The hotel was once an abandoned airport control tower during World War II, cleverly designed by famous local architect James Denholm.
"It has been done to a level that gives potential purchasers the opportunity to work with builders to discuss interior specifications and designs that meet individual requirements and, therefore, in line with the needs of the end owners, create a truly unique custom home.
"The hotel is located on four floors, served by stairs and elevators, resulting in a striking sun room.
"The spectacular roof terrace and the balcony on the second floor have glass railings.
"The living room and the owner have integrated a function 'glass box'
The suite offers stunning views of the hills of Perth.
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