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do you have a face-finding superpower for fighting crime? - best cctv camera

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-23
do you have a face-finding superpower for fighting crime?  -  best cctv camera
At a crowded tourist attraction, a young man wearing a yellow T-shirt
Shirt angle in one position on the bench.
He sat, took off his backpack and put it on the ground.
After turning over and over in a blue plastic shopping bag, he left and left his backpack behind.
A bomb exploded a few minutes later.
Twenty dead.
All information about young people wearing yellow T-shirts
The shirt is contained in a blurry, rough shot taken by a CCTV camera.
Can someone recognize his face?
This really happened.
Just a few weeks ago, Thai police launched a search for the young man wearing a yellow T-shirt.
The shirts, which they thought were the Erawan shrine that blew up Bangor Island in August 16.
They arrested a man on the Cambodian border and said he was in line with the yellow descriptionshirted bomber.
But they are not sure according to these blurry lenses.
It was this situation that led to the formation of a super team in Scotland. recognizers.
The London police have an amazing ability to identify and match faces, even in CCTV footage.
Gary Collins was amazing, he found three people at a barbecue on Sunday, and Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville said he talked about a super member
Loved the weekend relaxing recognizer team with photos of suspects loaded on the iPad.
After 2011 riots in London, the supervisors combed thousands of hours of footage;
The Collins family alone found an incredible 190 faces among the rioters.
Neville today led the Central Forensic Image team in London, which has tested thousands of police officers and identified 152 super officersrecognizers. These face-
Discover that stars often work at local stations, build a spiritual library of regional criminals, and regularly connect to new Scottish yards to address crimes.
So far, in their victory, they helped solve 14-year-
Old Alice Gross found a serial obscener on a different city bus route (
He was traced to a specific route and arrested)
Efforts are now being made to link at least 30 different cases of theft, including major art and jewelry theft, to one perpetrator.
Super Hotel London-
This week, at the Notting Hill Carnival, the world's largest street market in Rio, the recognizer came into effect.
Neville said we had a lot of criminal problems at the carnival. So super-
This year, at CCTV's control center, the identification men sat there and scanned the crowd and found members of rival gangs close to each other.
Officials at the scene found and lifted the men, avoiding potential fighting.
Senior detectives were surprised by their ability to spot suspects in a crowded crowd, Neville said.
You may also share this superpower, not even know.
David White of the University of New South Wales's Laboratory of Forensic Psychology says the ability to recognize faces actually falls within one scope.
The person at the lowest end is the face-
Blind, called a face recognition disorder. (
This is also the case with Oliver Sachs, a famous neurologist who recently died.
He said he recognized his best friend Eric with thick eyebrows and thick glasses. âx80x9d)
At the other end is superrecognizers.
Most people overestimate their skills, White says.
When people think about face recognition, they think about identifying people they know, he says, like finding a friend in a grocery store.
But the face of a stranger can be seen from two different pictures. by-
Side: this is much more difficult.
You can learn where you are on the spectrum by testing.
Josh Davis, a psychologist at the University of Greenwich, designed a short film, and a simple test means a very rough first test and a more detailed test, this will help researchers calculate how many people are in each part of the spectrum. (
Go here for a simple test and find a link to the longer test. )
So far, face recognition seems to be a natural ability, most people have not learned, it is distributed on the bell curve, like IQ, Davis said.
No specific genes are associated with this ability, but a 2010 study found
Compared with the same-egg twins, the same-egg twins have a very similar ability to identify, and the same-egg twins are the first indicator of the genetic connection of this skill.
What â x80 x99 s face loss of the of or â x80 x9c face-
Blindnessis is associated with a shuttle-like facial region that runs along the bottom of the brain near the back of the head.
This could be a great place to look for evidence of differences in super brain activity
And the recognizer.
So how many people might be superrecognizers?
It depends on where you decide to draw the line, Davis says, but the real exception is that less than 1% of people fall into the tail of the bell curve.
The next question is how to take advantage of people with natural faces --
See the superpower.
Detective Neville said he received calls from police around the world interested in getting to know his team.
White has been working with the Australian Passport Office to develop facial tests
Matching ability and training of passport officers, they are in the middle of the day-to-
Day work must determine if the stranger in front of them is the same person shown in the small passport photo.
In a study published Tuesday in Series B of the Royal Society, White's team tested a group of cracked forensic doctors specializing in facial image analysis, see if they will perform better than average and start to understand if training can help improve the skills of people who make a living with facial matching.
It turns out that these experts do perform better than untrained students or forensic experts who often do not match faces. (
By the way, do better on the task of facial care
Recognition of computer algorithms often fails. )
Maybe there are more people.
According to their abilities, average skills are attracted to these positions.
But surprisingly, experts
Matchers shows another ability, unusual in those with natural faces
Matching skills to identify faces displayed on the frontdown.
This suggests to White that expert training that emphasizes breaking the face down into components and matching each component may improve their skills beyond their natural abilities.
So, maybe for someone like me, on a simple face, there's still some hope for 14 poor 7 points --matching test.
However, a bit vague is how courts around the world may respond to super-recognizer.
In the United States, the judge used a legal precedent called the Daubert standard to determine whether the evidence was supported scientifically, and the witness ID cards of all sorts were reviewed.
But Neville said that his team's game is usually just the starting point for the development of criminal cases, pointing the police to a suspect, and then he can use DNA or good old rubber shoes police work to investigate, in this case, the ID card is more of an investigative tool than a direct evidence of a criminal act.
At the same time, Thai police said they were looking for more witnesses suspected of the explosion and said they would conduct further tests on the available evidence, such as fingerprints, DNA and photos.
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