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crime watch dismantles the realities of sa crime - best cctv camera

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-23
crime watch dismantles the realities of sa crime  -  best cctv camera
Is crime really as bad as we thought?
Does social media make us more paranoid about the dangers outside?
Avantika Seeth wrote that thankfully we have a weekly show to answer this question, etc.
Criminal Observation (
DStv Channel 403)Wednesday, 9. 30pm. . . . -
ENCA crime watch Host Yusuf Abramjee breaks down major crimes that have taken place over the past week on live broadcasts every week.
The videos include video clips on social media in which someone tries to hijack CCTV cameras from gas stations, showing how easily criminals can reach vehicles.
In a country like ours, the reason why the show is so notable is that, although criminal rhetoric has become part of our social fabric, abramjee provides useful analysis and commentary on crimes that have already occurred.
He reminded the public not to take remedial measures to prevent them from becoming victims themselves.
Abrams, it's an anti-right now.
An advocate of crime.
The president of the international criminal organization has been working for many years to ensure the safety of South Africans.
It's no wonder that he was chosen as the host of a show that talks about a major problem in South Africa.
While he may not be suitable for the model of traditional broadcasters, and may not necessarily have the talent of traditional broadcasters, the frankness of abramogi makes the topic he deals with is approachable and easy for the public
Although some of the guests on his show are not always happy to answer, he will ask at least some relevant questions.
In an incident on January, he interviewed Police Minister Bheki Cele, who discussed the increase in crime, as reported in the crime statistics for 2017/18.
Abraji asked police what they did to criminals during the festival.
Instead, Cele responded strangely to gender, saying that of the 20 shopping centers he visited, only two were run by men and the police were in the shopping center
"Public confidence in the police is quite low," abramogi asked frankly.
Is it just because the police are useless?
Cele quickly defended the police, saying that most South Africans believed the South African police station was meant to help the public and protect them.
The show also integrates feedback from viewers through Facebook and Twitter, where questions can be asked to guests so that the show is not treated assided.
Guests include psychologists who are able to provide insight into some of the criminal footage broadcast and try to overthrow the criminal's modus operandi.
Crime Watch is a great way to understand the trends of crime sweeping our city, while also providing insight into how the public can take prudent measures to avoid themselves becoming victims of crime.
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