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coquitlam jail guard charged with committing indecent acts responds with lawsuit - security cameras

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-07
coquitlam jail guard charged with committing indecent acts responds with lawsuit  -  security cameras
A former prison guard was charged with indecent acts in Coquitlam RCMP cell, in which he filed a lawsuit alleging that he believed the detachment's security cameras were inadequate.
Kevin Taylor Ebel, who served as an eight-year guard in prison, worked shifts between June 1-20 and July 14, and a woman detained in her cell claimed that he had committed a crime in front of her.
On September 2014, Ebel withdrew his security clearance on charges, and on June 18, 2015, he was charged with two indecent acts in public places.
On June 25, 2015, the city of gaoguilin suspended the payment of Ebel due to charges.
In a lawsuit filed by B. C.
According to Ebel, Supreme Court officials should ensure that the cameras cover all areas within the cell of the detachment, thus imagining all those detained in the cell and in the guard.
"This is a direct and foreseeable consequence of the defendant's personal or combined negligence, and his action states:" The plaintiff's career may be threatened if, due to insufficient safety and monitoring, make false accusations against him and he will suffer losses. ".
"Due to the negligence of the defendant, during the alleged conduct, the plaintiff did not have enough video to decisively waive his liability.
He was therefore charged with criminal offences by the employer and suspended.
The lawyer was designated as the defendant in this case.
General of Canada, B. C.
The Justice Department and the city of Guilin.
Ebel said that the security camera did not record any actions he supported the allegations and that during the shift, the security camera did not capture his actions at all.
He said that on 2013, the audit of the Royal Mounted Police detachment of Gao Guilin found "significant defects" in monitoring and safety, and suggested that additional cameras be installed, however, nothing was taken between the date of the audit report and July 2014.
The plaintiff stated that although he had taken steps to mitigate the damage by acting as an assistant to Mason and then as a stonemason, his wages and benefits were substantially reduced due to these allegations.
After he said he had
Symptoms of traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, self-loss
Self-esteem and self-confidence, unable to sleep at night.
He is seeking general, special, aggravated and punitive damages.
The Justice Department said in an email that a request for action had not yet been received.
"If that is the case, the legal counsel will review the contents of the claim and assess how to respond, but we are not able to comment at the moment.
A spokesman for the RCMP said in an email that they have not received the lawsuit, but once they have formally received the lawsuit, they will review the information with the Justice Department, their official reply will be filed in court as a defense. twitter.
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