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Comment: The Pistorius defence and the fear that grips white South Africa - intruder alarm system

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-11-14
Comment: The Pistorius defence and the fear that grips white South Africa  -  intruder alarm system
For Oscar Pistorius, the start of the week was not smooth.
Under the ruthless cross
Paraly athlete Gerrie Nel was examined by the prosecutor for the shooting of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, who was considered an escape witness.
Pistorius first told the court that he had "accidentally fired" his gun, and then he said he was out of fear because he thought his life was in danger, then he said he had no intention of pulling the trigger.
Only the second claim provided a reasonable legal defense.
Because there is no real threat to Pistorius's life, he cannot rely on the principle of self. defence.
In South African law, however, the principle can be applied when the respondent truly believes that his life is threatened.
If it is found that the defendants really believe that their lives are in danger and that they are using reasonable means to avoid attacks on themselves or their property, they may evade murder convictions on the grounds of lack of necessary intentions.
Therefore, Pistorius must convince the court that, as a disabled person living in South Africa, his vulnerability does convince him that an intruder hiding behind a closed toilet door would put his life at risk.
The court must be further satisfied that, in this case, his response was justified, namely, the firing of four bullets at the gate.
For those living outside of South Africa, it seems like a tough demand.
It doesn't seem reasonable to shoot four "zombies ".
Without being directly threatened by an attacker and without knowing who is hiding behind the door, plug the bullet into the starter.
At the heart of the defense, however, is the assumption that the high crime rate in South Africa, coupled with Pistorius as a vulnerable country for the disabled, makes his conduct justified.
Indeed, violent crimes in South Africa.
Although the murder rate has dropped from 68.
There were 1 murder/100,000 to 30 in every 1996 people in 1995.
100,000 per month in 2011/2012, this figure is still high.
But statistics from different police stations also show that violent crime is more serious than in middle-class areas where most white people live.
Pistorius lives in one of many closed communities that emerged in response to the threat of violent crime against the middle class.
Usually built in the same artificial
Tuscan-style, houses in these communities are often, like Pistorius, equipped with a well-designed alarm system.
These communities are usually surrounded by a high wall with an electric fence on the top;
The entrance to the community is always strictly controlled.
It was because Pistorius lived in a community with a gate that he could sleep with his bedroom window open.
Therefore, it is a great difficulty for defense to live in such a place. Most middle-
South Africans who do not live in these communities perform elaborate ceremonies at night, lock doors and security doors, and launch an alarm system connected to the office of private security companies on the 24 th
Hour call if alarm is triggered.
Some middlemen are obsessed with violent crime.
The white class in South Africa, which usually has horrible discussions at dinners and radio talk shows, has become a cliché.
Comedians and people who want to show their enthusiastic support for so-made fun of it
Known as "new South Africa ".
As South Africa transitioned from white minority rule to democracy, the fear became more prominent.
When white South Africans express a strong fear of violent crime, it sounds like, fear of crime has become a more acceptable way for white people to express their fear of black people and the black-led government.
Pistorius needs to convince the court that his alleged fear of an intruder is not unreasonable, and that his response to this so-called fear is reasonable.
That's why he claims to have been the victim of a crime many times.
Because the only possible claim that he lives in a relatively safe community, Pistorius, is that he says he will show the same fear that he feels particularly vulnerable because of his disability.
In fact, he asked the court not to regard him as a reasonable person --
Sound people, but as a reasonable disabled person.
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