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Cyber crime is not limited to large enterprises.
In fact, being a small business can make you more likely to be a target.
Cyber crime can harm your business in four ways.
How do you get rid of the virus from your own website?
Here are the steps to remove malware from your web server and prevent it from getting infected again.
Cyber criminals won't bother to invade your little business, will they? Wrong -
If you are a victim of a cyber attack, your client will also be a victim.
That's why no matter how small your business is, you should focus on cyber security.
Is there a risk of a data security vulnerability in your business?
Small businesses don't have the resources of big companies, but they also face potential data breaches.
Learn how to protect your business with these tips.
Because of the portability of mobile phones and tablets, they are particularly vulnerable to security threats and theft.
Here are eight steps to protect your mobile device from hackers and thieves.
If you keep a lot of cash in your workplace or home, you 've just turned yourself into an easy target --
Thieves and armed robbers.
Here are a few proven cash control tips that can make your business less attractive to scammers looking for loot objects.
Public and media administration of traffic safety (TSA)
The intrusive security procedures at the airport have cooled down a bit, but pat-downs and full-
Body scans illustrate the need to balance privacy and security, as well as the need to balance security and customer convenience.
Many people realize that their community crime watch helps reduce the crime in the places where they live.
But what about the crime watch program for you and your fellow business owners?
An Indiana police officer says businesses and police departments can work together to stop crime.
Identity theft is a growing problem for small businesses and individuals.
Here are some tips from the Better Business Bureau and the FBI on preventing identity theft.
Many states and cities have designated October as the Crime Prevention Month ".
Now is a good time to review your mail processing procedures to make sure your business is able to handle threatening letters and packages.
FEMA has set September as the national preparation month.
Here are some tips from SBA on what you need to do to prepare for emergencies and disasters.
When you carefully screen potential employees, you may still find someone among your employees who stole your business.
There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from internal theft.
Security cameras, especially when used with integrated security systems, not only help the police identify criminals after a crime, but also help prevent it from happening from the very beginning.
Read more> movies often beautify the criminals behind armed robbery and it.
However, armed robbery
Knife-wielding is a terrible crime for the victims.
Find out what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.
Carjacking is a crime that can not only end the destruction of property, but also end the injury or loss of life.
Here's what you can do to protect yourself from harm. be carjackers.
Professional car thieves using electric tools can peel the car off to the skeleton in a few minutes.
Watch the demo and learn what you can do to reduce the appeal of your car to cheats.
Scott holnick, "one.
The "Night Thief" may be in prison, but criminals like him are still at large.
Learn how to protect your business from professional thieves with this advice.
With the arrival of Memorial Day and summer, many business people are planning holidays and business activities.
Attend meetings, seminars and trade shows.
Therefore, you should pay attention to holidays and travel before you pay for your vacation or business trip --
Know how to avoid related scams.
New York City residents are familiar with the slogan "If you see anything, what to say", as evidenced by a recent car bomb attempt at Times Square --saving advice.
Here are some things about how individual citizens help keep New York (or any city)safe.
Arson is an offence that can cause devastating damage to your property and employees.
Learn what you can do to prevent arson hitting your business with these tips from business knowledge
How's security expert Paul Davis?
SBA has issued a warning to small business owners that they should be careful if private companies contact them and claim they can help them get funding through the SBA program.
Find out what you need to know here.
When retailers accept false accounts, they bear the full burden of losses.
It is true that the technology of counterfeiters is becoming more complex, and retail employees can do a lot to detect counterfeit money.
The Census Bureau is about to start it once. a-
Ten years of population statistics, scammers and scammers are already trying to take advantage of opportunities to trust individuals and businesses.
The best way to protect yourself is to know how to identify real and false census workers.
While large companies have staff dedicated to data security, small businesses do not always have the resources or knowledge to ensure the security of information stored on computers.
The Better Business Bureau recognizes this need and works with several corporate sponsors to help small business owners protect themselves from data breaches.
Many small business people carry important devices in their cars, such as laptops and mobile phones.
Stealing these things from your car can result in a loss of productivity and expense.
Here are some useful tips on how to protect yourself from crime.
Past Christmas events have reminded us that a Nigerian terrorist tried to detonate a bomb while on a Northwest Airlines flight, and terrorists are still trying to deal with the United States.
Read more> pop-up saying you have a virus and you need to fight it
Ironically, virus software can actually contain a virus that can damage your computer, cause expensive maintenance costs, and even lead to identity theft.
To protect yourself from danger, here's what you need to know.
At this time of year, people, including business owners, are most likely to contribute to charity.
Unfortunately, the scammer is ready to take advantage of your generosity.
Here's what you need to know to avoid the flow of your contributionsso-worthy cause.
The shooting in hothenburg, Texas, and the subsequent shooting in an office building in olandou, Florida, are a stark reminder that workplace violence is a very real threat.
What can you do to ensure your workplace is protected.
Security cameras, especially when used with integrated security systems, not only help the police identify criminals after a crime, but also help prevent it from happening from the very beginning.
Read more> movies often beautify the criminals behind armed robbery and it.
However, armed robbery
Knife-wielding is a terrible crime for the victims.
Find out what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.
Last month was the National Cyber Security Month, but we have to be alert to cyber attacks all year round.
Here are some tips you can use to protect your home and business from cyber attacks.
Security expert Paul Davis continued to discuss the benefits of joining in last week's column (or starting)
Commercial Crime Watch project.
There are many benefits to joining the local business Watch program, the most important of which is to have other business owners serve you.
Read more> One of the most common scams for businesses, business catalog scams are on the rise again.
Our crime and security experts have information on how to discover this scam, how to avoid it, and what to do if you are one of thousands of businesses that fall in love with it.
Will you, your family, and your business be prepared in the event of a disaster such as a fire, flood, hurricane, tornado or terrorist attack?
September is the sixth National preparation month.
Here are some of the resources you can use and the steps to make sure your business has enough contingency plans.
When you don't read your book carefully enough, embezzlement may result in tens of thousands of dollars in loss of profits.
Is there a risk of theft, fraud or computer data theft in your business?
In this interview with Delaware County, the Pennsylvania District Attorney learned about the types of crimes small businesses are concerned about.
Does your business have the risk of theft of customer lists, internal procedures, and even professional product information?
Learn how a criminal steals business secrets from his former employer and get tips to prevent it from happening in your business.
When you think of extortion, you usually think of gangsters and dark alleys.
But extortion is still a real problem for some small business owners.
Learn how this crime works and get tips to protect yourself.
Whether you are relaxing on vacation or attending a meeting, pickpockets are not far from you.
Here's what you need to know to prevent yourself from being a victim of their tactics.
Planning to travel soon?
Criminals aim for unsuspecting hotel guests.
The best way to not be a target is to take precautions and be vigilant.
The following tips can help.
Fraud in counterfeit checks is rising.
Even banks have trouble identifying fake cashier checks.
However, we were told by several people
You can look for signs of the story to prevent the scam from becoming a victim.
Read more> Operational Security (OPSEC) is a program originally developed by the military to help prevent important information from falling into the hands of competitors or criminals.
Learn about the difference between OPSEC and traditional security and how it can help your business.
Safe Surfing is not just about making sure your virus software is up to date.
You must pay attention to your personal information, your money, and so on.
Here are some resources to educate yourself about cyber threats.
Most security systems are designed to prevent outsiders from breaking into the theft or destruction of property.
Unfortunately, these security systems are of little help to prevent a trusted employee from robbing you.
Learn how to protect yourself from employee theft.
Spy bots, botnets, and malware
It all sounds like a bad science fiction. Fi movie.
But these are tools that cyber criminals use to take over unsuspecting businesses and personal computers.
You need to know this in order to protect yourself.
In the United States, arson is the main cause of the fire, and it is a terrible crime to destroy life and business.
Here are some simple things that you can not only protect yourself from arson, but also prevent accidental fires.
Businessmen usually realize that their business may be robbed, but, they don't always think that criminals may follow them when they leave the office and Rob at home.
Learn the knowledge you need to protect yourself from trackinghome robbers.
The awareness, alertness and vigilance of businessmen and women who meet and deal with people all day can make a difference between successful terrorist attacks and thwarted attacks.
Read an article on how an alert eye for a small business employee can help disrupt a potential --
Terrorist attacks.
Ponzi schemes have been around for over a century, but small businesses are still victims of them at times.
To identify them, here's what you need to know.
Santa may not be the only person to sneak into your home and business this holiday season, as it is also the peak season for personal and corporate theft.
Learn how to protect yourself from thieves during this holiday season.
The festival between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day is one of the happy and happy holidays-
Even if the economy is sluggish.
Unfortunately, at this time of year, thieves, robbers and cheats will also appear.
Read more> computer hackers are no longer just nerdy kids.
Swindlers and spies use the Internet to commit crimes against American businesses and attack government networks-
They are becoming more sophisticated.
Here's how to protect your business.
Reminiscent of the Anthrax hot letter sent on 2001, the FBI is investigating 50 letters that were mailed to the national Chase bank branch containing suspicious white powder.
So far, the test results of white powder for dangerous toxins have been negative.
Learn how to spot suspicious emails and how to protect yourself and employees from snail mail threats.
From shop-in theft and vandalism to angry and/or intoxicated customers, these distractions can be very bad for business.
Here's how to help law enforcement to better protect your ideas.
After two consecutive years of rising, the estimated number of violent crimes in the country has dropped slightly from the total number of last year, and the downward trend of property crimes has continued for the fifth consecutive year, according to the FBI's 2007 edition of the criminal record.
What is your business prepared for the disaster?
Although we all hope that disaster will never happen on our own territory, we can never be 100% sure that disaster will not happen.
The biggest opportunities for survival and recovery are those that are prepared in advance.
Here are the questions you need to consider.
White-collar crime usually doesn't make headlines in your daily newspaper, but it's a national threat for businesses and consumers.
This is what you need to know.
$20 bill from your clientwas it real?
Have you checked it?
Small businesses are the main target for criminals to unload counterfeit money.
Read more> criminal couples today are more likely to take the time to steal identity than robbing banks.
Even if working alone, identity thieves can do a lot of damage to your bank account in a short period of time.
Understand how they operate so you can protect yourself.
Residents and businessmen who have become victims of natural disasters have for the second time been victims of unscrupulous scam artists.
These skilled criminals even pretend to be government officials, targeting victims.
Find out what to look for so you won't be taken away.
Every year thousands of laptops are stolen from business people on business trips.
Thieves prefer laptops to me.
While some criminals carry out armed robberies and take them away from you, most thieves prefer to take their laptops away from unsuspecting travelers.
Here are the suggestions you can use to make sure you are not a victim.
The hurricane season is coming again, followed by warnings to prepare for our families and businesses.
But the hurricane is not the only disaster that can be attacked.
In preparation, here are the things you should remember.
Small businesses are often the target of scams called "sugar sales.
"These scammers have won the trust of small businesses that are unsuspecting by skilled use of words and manipulation.
Learn how these scams work so you can protect yourself.
Armed robbers do not discriminate against people they hurt, whether they are cashiers, business owners or police officers responding to calls for help.
The best protection you can provide for yourself and your employees is prevention.
What would you do if an ex
Did the employee give your customer list to the competition?
Or is it a dishonest employee who ransacked personnel files for personal information?
Here are suggestions on how to protect your company's intellectual property and proprietary information.
Spring is the peak season for the conference.
If you plan to attend a meeting soon, find out why you might be a target for pickpockets, hotel thieves or other criminals and get tips to protect yourself.
While movies and TV often beautify cat thieves as cool and brave hooligans, they are actually just low-key.
A life thief who is stronger than your common thief skills and physical abilities.
Get advice from security expert Paul Davis on how to protect your business from rooftop intruders.
The safety of trains after 9/11 did not increase as much as the airline did.
But recently, Amtrak has implemented new measures aimed at protecting passengers from terrorist attacks.
Read more> office supply fraud has become a list of the top 20 consumer fraud complaints of the FTC in 2007.
Learn how security expert Paul Davis has avoided being a victim of this common scam.
Businesses today must not only protect their computer systems from external attacks, but also take steps to ensure that they are not used for crimes against other networks.
Read more> open your email and find the "official" notice from your ISP or the bank claiming your account has been suspended?
Before you click on that link and fill out that form with your personal information, find out what the FBI thinks about false email threats and scams> from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, crime of theft and property has increased significantly.
Don't let your home be a victim of our business.
After trying to build your business, you may not be interested in seeing some disgruntled employees or other unstable people burn it down.
Understanding arson and how to prevent arson> installing security cameras in your business not only helps to solve crime problems, but also helps a lot to prevent arson.
Learn more about why you should consider adding surveillance cameras to your security system.
You can prevent most crimes by taking simple security precautions and knowing the threats to your business and region.
Corporate awareness and precautions can also prevent terrorism.
Learn> how your receptionist answered the call and hear the caller claim he placed a bomb in your business premises.
The caller said that unless you put a certain amount of money in the trash can in the nearby park, he will detonate the bomb.
What will you do?
Do you or your employees know how to deal with the phone bomb threat?
Crime exists even in the best communities.
The most reliable way to reduce crime is for residents and businesses to work with the police to alert suspicious individuals and to cooperate at any time when the crime occurs.
Read more> even though we haven't been attacked on US soil since 9/11, terrorists are still planning to destroy us.
That's why the Department of Homeland Security has developed a preparation plan for businesses called "prepare business.
Find out more here> shoplifting by lonely thieves is costly for retail businesses, but organized shoplifting costs shopkeepers billions of dollars a year.
Find out what you can do to protect your business> gangs are becoming a problem even in small rural towns, and the sign of gang activity is graffiti.
Learn what to do if you encounter graffiti on a commercial property and learn how to stop it.
According to OSHA, more than 2 million workers are victims of workplace violence every year.
With recent events at Virginia Tech and NASA, it is clear that it will happen anywhere, almost without any warning.
So what can you do to protect your workplace from such incidents?
Get advice from business knowledge
How is crime and security columnist Paul Davis.
If there is a chemical attack or an industrial accident in your area, will you be prepared to stay indoors until the threat is over?
If this happens, both your home and your office should have a designated area with enough supplies.
Here's information on how to create a shelterIn-
So you have to be prepared.
Even in this age of increasing global terrorism and violent crime, employees and the public do not like to cause inconvenience to them.
So what can a small business person do to "sell" security?
When you hear about identity theft, you may think of someone who has to spend months cleaning up the credit report.
But the impact of identity theft is much greater than this person.
They cost billions of dollars a year to businesses and banks.
Not only in goods that will never be paid, but also in the lack of trust and bad publicity.
Read more> families and small businesses are the common goal of opportunistic thieves and thieves.
But there are simple things you can do to make your business less attractive to those who are trying to hurt you.
Reading more> it seems like an ordinary task to open your mail, but even in today's world, it needs to be a little careful.
Here are suggestions on how to identify and process mail or packages that may contain hazardous content.
As every law enforcement and security professional will tell you, you are more likely not to be a victim of crime if you are in a group.
Sure, the idea works if you're walking down the street in a group, but what about this small and family business entrepreneur?
For those who work at home or in small businesses, there is a "business Watch ".
Unfortunately, small and family businesses are often the target of thieves and cheaters.
In this new column, Paul Davis, an experienced crime journalist and columnist, will cover crime news and issues and provide crime prevention techniques to help you protect yourself.
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