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british diplomat found strangled after leaving bar in beirut. taxi driver arrested - security cameras

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-07
british diplomat found strangled after leaving bar in beirut. taxi driver arrested  -  security cameras
A British diplomat was found murdered after being strangled and sexually assaulted in Beirut.
Rebecca Dykes, 30, from London, has been working in the Lebanese capital International Development department since January, and was killed after leaving a bar in the city's Gemmayzeh area after going out with friends on Friday night.
She attended a gathering at a bar with a colleague from the British Embassy and left just after midnight.
She was kidnapped and killed some time later.
Her body was found off the Metn highway a few miles away.
According to Lebanese media reports, marks of suffocation were found on her neck.
A coroner said the first autopsy showed clear signs of sexual assault.
Police sources told The Daily Telegraph that the first autopsy showed the cause of death was suffocation.
They said they did not believe the attack was politically motivated.
Lebanese authorities have detained a man suspected of killing Dykes.
A police official said the woman's murder was a "criminal act" with no political motive, adding that the suspect admitted the murder.
Police officials say the suspect was tracked through security cameras that showed his car traveling from Beirut to where the body of Dykes was found in northern Lebanon's capital.
"He was detained in the apartment," the official said . ".
He added that once the vehicle's license plate number is tracked through a security camera, the suspect is found to be a Lebanese citizen. Lebanese state-
The National News Agency said the suspect was a taxi driver who picked up the woman from the Gemayze neighborhood, known for its restaurants and bars in Beirut, and then drove to a nearby community where she lives, but she was not sent there.
On the contrary, the suspect drove the car to the location where Dykes's body was later discovered.
The man tried to sexually assault her and then strangled her with a rope, NNA said.
The details were not confirmed by the police.
A friend said, "it's terrible.
It wasn't until we got a call to the police station today that we knew what happened to her.
"Dykes has been working in the foreign and Federal Affairs Department in Libya and Iraq since 2010.
She is considered to have grown up in Hong Kong, but before studying anthropology at the University of Manchester and international security and global governance at the University of London bibeck, she studied in Marvin St James, Worcester.
In a statement, her family said: "We are shocked to lose our beloved Rebecca.
We are doing what we can to understand what is going on.
British Ambassador to Lebanon Hugo Short said: "The entire embassy is deeply shocked and saddened by the news.
A spokesman for the Department for International Development said: "At this very disturbing moment, we are with Becky's family and friends.
Police are currently investigating and FCO is providing consular support to Becky's family and working with local authorities.
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