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AP ENTERPRISE: UK gangs thrive in August riots - cctv cameras for sale

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-24
AP ENTERPRISE: UK gangs thrive in August riots  -  cctv cameras for sale
Birmingham, England-burger bar boy.
Cash or layoffs.
Great bang.
These names sound like a dime-
But they are real.
Life of Birmingham gangster
Some of the underground troops that led the worst riots of the British generation.
As Britain begins to work to address the reasons for the anarchy that has fallen over the past week, British Prime Minister David Cameron has identified gang growth as a key factor and is recruiting more people
The gang experts helped bring them over.
Although senior British police officers have publicly expressed their displeasure at the move, gang culture analysts say it seems logical to seek help from the United States, because today's British gangs consciously imitate American gangs from gold to jargon.
They talk in the street dialects shaped by the United States. S.
Rap lyrics, use noms de guerre directly from American gangster movies and crime TV series, and select icons such as Don Corleone, al Pasino's scarf or Stringer Bell of Baltimore's Connected TV series as their social Avatar
Network site.
"These teenage gangsters are creating their own world of crime, a very American world in their view.
When they talk about the police, it's the "FBI" or "5-
0, 5-in Hawaii-
Carl felstrom says he is an expert on the British gang and the author of a recent book on the subject.
"British law enforcement authorities acknowledge that they did not try to minimize the size and potential of violence of local gangs until a few years ago.
They promote the "default youth group" label they like and charge in full
As a bloody street gang of American phenomena.
After the riots of August
When gangs use text
Message to deploy the interrupt-
Breakthrough steel in artists-
Close the store-
Now politicians use the word "g" sharply.
In an emergency debate about the riots, Cameron told the House of Commons: "territory, hierarchy and incredible violence, these gangs are mainly made up of young boys, mainly from dysfunctional families . ".
"They make money through crime, especially drugs, and are bound by loyalty to the leaders of authoritarian gangs.
Together with the gang, they destroyed their lives in the manor. on-
Gang murders and unprovoked attacks on police
In Birmingham, a reporter drove through the disputed area of his workplace.
Class on the west side, crowded red chowder
Brick House and gray
Concrete 1960 tower blocks competing with Caribbean and India
Pakistani gangs have long been inconsistent.
Their fight has sparked at least four riots since 1980.
Police are also there, raiding a convenience store and hi-fi shops.
In a corner, a teenage boy in a headscarf and a green headscarf --
A hybrid, mainly Caribbean, called BMW, is short for Birmingham's most wanted man.
When they beat at the front door of that house and were accused by a dozen people of looking for stolen electronics and fashion, I 've been following the "FBI "--label clothes.
The raid has become a common sight of gang power bases since Wednesday's riots subsided.
BMW Infantry sent a text message to his gang leader with a highly abbreviated code, calling the police's location "5-
0 "raid the enemy's house" cru.
"The boy was initially hostile to the reporter's question, and when asked about the cost of black people, he warmed up --
Plasma TV market
"By that time, it was the sale of this century.
He pointed to a residential path nearby and said, "Everything Must Go . "de-
In the opposite direction of the police raid.
He said the gang stole the TV and was going to buy one.
A tenth of their list price, locals pay in cash in the back lane, which is inaccessible by the Birmingham CCTV network.
He added with a cheeky smile: "We don't bring a visa, but we deliver it to the door.
"British gangs often protect their territory on the roadside.
Many even attach the zip code of their area to the gang name.
They also marked the territory with waves.
Tribal identity graffiti on the underground passage of Los Angeles highway.
According to an interactive online map called London street gangs and related gangs, almost every place on the UK map that has suffered riots is the territory of one or more gangs
Mapping work at Metropolitan Police and Bedford County youth University
Crime expert John Pitts
In Enfield, north London, a Sony distribution center was looted.
More than a dozen active gangs, including Dem Africans, red brick crews and gunmen, were killed.
In the Croydon district of southern London, the worst arson case occurred and 26 people were shot dead. year-
Old man, it's not a power base without any help. While the wide-
Open-Air shops in London have inspired the enthusiasm of citizens from all walks of life to Rob, and police say criminal gangs form a gang of thieves --savvy vanguard.
CCTV footage from certain riot zones clearly shows that the gangs used their hidden faces to transport the goods
Brand headscarves, baseball caps and jacket hoods.
In Tottenham, north London, police shot and killed a gang member, Mark Dugan, here on August.
Two days later, at least a dozen gangs took root nearby.
Duggan is a well-known member of the Tottenham star gang and a relative of a major criminal family in Manchester, northwest England.
Police said the 29-year-old Duggan was carrying an Italian pistol packed with bullets hidden in his socks during a police ambush.
His last sentence was a text message to his pregnant girlfriend: "The FBI is following me.
Help manage Roy giesby in London
A wide range of charities-
Wolf, who tried to steer young people away from drugs and gangs, said how Tottenham's violence spread, indicating signs of gang direction.
He said that the main mobs who attacked the store brought cars to escape and carry heavy objects, and deployed members to arrest the police using the preset gang text list. "It's gang-
There is no doubt that this is the lead, "said giesby, 59.
"Look at what happened in Tottenham.
The young people there were locked up in the streets to make trouble, while the older ones went north to rob Enfield.
It may seem confusing, but it has a command.
"In Nottingham, where Robin Hood became famous, gang members wearing red scarf of St. , one of the city's largest gangs
Ann's team threw petrol bombs at the police station before searching a sports clothing store.
The next night, Radford Boys, another major gang in the city, also appeared in their black band, throwing Molotov cocktails at their own police station.
"Radford doesn't like the media's attention to their big competitors, so they also have to show force," says Fallstrom . " His book focuses on the Nottingham gang.
A national study by the British interior ministry in charge of law and order estimates that 6% of all boys and girls aged 10 to 19-
Or about 50,000 people.
Gang members.
They are sometimes recruited by older gang members to act as drug couriers, delivered by bike, with little risk of being intercepted by police, as in the United States.
The biggest difference between British and American gangs is firepower. In gun-
Control the UK, only bigger gangs make guns
Smuggling drugs from the Netherlands, North Africa and the Caribbean-
Weapons of their choiceFor U. K.
Apprentices and admirers in their teens, the knife is still the king.
According to police and social workers, more than 5,000 people are killed each year in the UK, most of which are gang attacks that strayed into their area, forcibly enter their rackets or simply insult their opponents
Eight teenagers have been stabbed to death in London this year.
A man will not hand over his mobile phone.
Another parked on the bike.
His brother was chased away by him.
Compared to the center of Los Angeles's gang culture, the bloodshed pales, with an estimated 90,000 gang members in 297 murders last year accused of taking part in the bulk.
The LA gang model is the world's export leader with many chapters in the United States and Central America.
Dozens of British gangs have branded themselves Los Angeles. A. -
While there is no real Cross style, there are also Crips and Bloods styles
Atlantic Union exists.
But even before the British riots in August, crime gangs in London were statistically more influential than in New York, which had only 228 official crime figures last year. Related Crimes
In a city that suffered 18,000 robberies and 532 murders.
According to local experts, there are about 17,000 gang members in New York, but they insist on doing business and do not encourage cross-border
Gang clashes on site
"There is no clearly defined gang territory in New York," said David Brotherton, head of the sociology department at John Jay's Criminal Justice Academy and expert on youth gangs.
Britain's Cameron has just recruited William Bratton, the former commander of the Los Angeles Police Department, as his anti-corruption adviser. gang tactics.
Bratton had previously directed police in Boston and New York, and his strategy was considered to have greatly reduced gangs --
Related bloodshed.
Cameron and Bratton are expected to push the idea that Harvard academics started in Boston 15 years ago --turned-
Crime fighter David Kennedy
Kennedy's "Boston strategy" seeks public meetings with the target audience of police, probation officers, welfare providers, community residents and gang members.
The discussion is considered to be a sharp decline in gangs.
Killings in Boston, Chicago and Cincinnati
"It can be absolutely proven now that there is a better way to do this. There is a 15-
The history of one city after another in the United States.
We don't think London can solve its gang problem.
"We know it can solve this problem," Kennedy said . ".
Although the UK has been slow to cope with the development of gang culture, gangs-
Capital of Scotland-Glasgow —
The Boston method has been imported.
On 2008, Karen McCluskey, Scotland's director of violence reduction, held her first game in Boston.
A group meeting with gang members in Glasgow court.
She said gang members were shocked to learn about the vast amount of intelligence the police had, did not seem to know the scope of help provided, and were humiliated by the story of how their actions frightened their community.
McClusky says her colleagues are against the United States.
Then watch the gangs in Glasgow and can meaningfully introduce gang technology into Scotland
In the past three years, the number of violent crimes involved has decreased by 46%.
"It's easy to say that this method doesn't work here because of this difference or this difference," Kennedy said . ".
"One of the things we learned is that there is no difference in these differences.
David Stringer of London, Thomas Watkins of Los Angeles and Colleen Dragon of New York contributed to the report.
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