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all cctv cameras vulnerable to infrared attacks – study - home security systems

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-10
all cctv cameras vulnerable to infrared attacks – study  -  home security systems
The study, conducted by Ben's researchers
University of Negev Gurion (BGU)
Found that because the security camera is equipped with infrared (IR)
For night vision led, hackers can establish a two-way concealed connection with the internal network of the security system.
Read more: $28 hacking software hacked webcam in China. This paper outlines two cases in which sensitive data can be accessed, encoded, and transmitted via infrared signalsexfiltration (
Data leakage outside the network)
And penetration (
Send data to network).
In a filtering scenario, an attacker accesses the surveillance camera via a local network with the help of malware and uses the camera's infrared signal to transmit sensitive data, such as a pin code or password.
In the penetration scenario, the attacker uses an infrared LEDs to transmit the signal (to the naked eye) to the camera at a distance of up to tens of meters.
Encode binary data such as command and control messages on IR signals.
"Filtration and penetration can be combined to establish two-way 'air-
A paper published by the Cornell University Library reads: "The gap between damaged networks and attackers ".
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This technology can be used in professional and personal home safety systems including LED doorbell.
"In theory, you can send an infrared command to tell a high
The security system can simply open the door or front door of your home, "said Dr.
Mordechai Guri, R & D head of BGU Network Security Research Center (CSRC).
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