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airport alligator: cctv images reveal suspect - security cameras

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-08
airport alligator: cctv images reveal suspect  -  security cameras
A woman left a picture of a crocodile at Chicago O'Hare International Airport in public trying to track her.
CCTV images released by the Chicago Transportation Authority appear to show that hours before two ftreptile were found at the airport, the woman took it on the CTA Blue Line train.
The security camera recorded the woman holding a crocodile while talking with her mobile phone and stroking the crocodile.
"We have deer on the train platform and roosters on buses and trains, but this is the first reptile I know," said CTA spokesman Lambrini Lukidis . ".
When he discovered the woman and her unusual companion, Blue Line passenger Mark Strotman was on the train.
"Everyone has taken double steps, followed by some cursing because they can't believe there are crocodiles," Strotman told WMAQ . "TV.
"She couldn't be better," he added . ".
She said she had it since she was very young.
She is touching it and she is very kind to it.
She did not seem to try to get rid of it.
"The woman got off the train at the airport, but then when the security camera found her, she stopped carrying the animal.
One near the baggage claim area
A policeman caught it in a bin.
The crocodile, later named Allie, was run by the Chicago Institute of animals, and Jason Hood, chairman of the group, said it was "not responding well to food ".
Mr. Hood said that the American alligator was between two and three years old and was too small to bite --
This has never been a serious threat to the public.
However, the woman may face charges and fines if found.
The Illinois Dangerous Animals Act makes it illegal to own crocodiles in the state.
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