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a better venture the second time around  -  security system installation-Ansjer cctv English

a better venture the second time around - security system installation

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-01-22
a better venture the second time around  -  security system installation
The engineer overcame early setbacks in his career, opened up a niche in the audio business, and once bitten, he would be shy twice.
But Ng Siew Kean, the 48-year-old director of Sdn Bhd at ampez electronics, did not let a failure stop him from trying again.
However, public broadcasting system manufacturers also know when to throw in the towel and when to start again.
Ng first tasted becoming an entrepreneur in 1995, but the adventure was not successful.
Before the environment forced him to start a new business, he finally returned to work.
His first shot.
1990 s, Ng, after quitting his job as an engineer for the water heater manufacturer, and his friend founded a safety systems company to sell and install safety equipment for residential and commercial properties.
He admitted that he was naive at the time.
Although he does not have a client base, he thinks he can develop the company.
Sure enough, he lost about 20 000 yuan in his business savings.
Wu continued to persist for a while.
"From morning to evening I started knocking door-to-door in the residential area, sending flyers, and we would talk to them about our products if possible, which is more effective, he said.
But the company's sales do not match his efforts.
Although he was disappointed, he persisted.
One day, when he was doing the installation work for a project, he met an Air
The air-conditioning installer questioned the feasibility of his business. “The air-
The air conditioning installer asked me a very frank and simple question: is it worth it that my parents have a hard time sending me to do a diploma in electronic engineering? Only for me can someone without a diploma do the installation work easily? ” Ng recalls.
It upset him.
Most importantly, reality begins to emerge.
The sales didn't catch up with the operating expenses, and Ng quickly found out that he didn't have the money to pay for fuel or meals.
"When I was almost broke, I knew the industry would not succeed," he said . ".
After a year of hard work, he realized it was time to abandon the safe equipment supply business and move forward.
"I see it all as an education.
"It was an educational experience, though expensive," he joked . ".
About three months later, he returned to payroll in, working as a project supervisor at an audiovisual project company.
But the job won't come easily.
Ng recalled that the times were really bad before the Asian financial crisis.
"I have been in more than 30 job interviews and many have asked for work experience and in some cases I have no relevant experience.
But I need a job . "
Ng's new job is to implement, install, test and debug audiovisual related projects for hotels, government offices, apartments and others.
"In order to get back to the momentum, I had to borrow RM500 from some of my friends every month to cover the daily expenses before the payday arrived," he said . ".
But in less than a year, Wu was left high and dry again.
The dark clouds of the Asian financial crisis are approaching, and the project is stalled.
He saw a lot of senior people in the company tidy up their own things and left.
Ng is ready to face the worst.
"My superiors have warned me of the next thing.
The company is scaling back its operations.
So when the HR department called me, I was ready to leave . "
Ng was laid off.
But instead of suffering from the incident, he chose to see the light that was cut.
"If I don't get laid off, I won't be like I am today," he said . ".
When there was no door open to him after he lost his job, Ng decided to try to run his own business again.
"I 've had several job interviews and I realize that most companies are not very optimistic because it's a challenging time.
"If this is the case, then I would rather fail myself than work for others," he said . ".
This time, he is very aware of the challenges and uncertainties of the future.
Nevertheless, this did not prevent him from taking the road to starting a business again.
He said that the return to start a business is to survive.
He assessed his past failures in order to have a clearer idea of what he should do to move forward.
Fortunately, this time, he met several potential customers from his previous work, as well as suppliers who were able to support him.
He managed to find a supplier that could be used by Thaksin and began distributing audio-visual products in 1998.
"As a distributor, we can start the project using the down payment given by the customer.
When this is not enough, I will pay cash in advance with my credit card . "
While the risks are high, Ng says it's a way to get things going.
He took about $20 000 from the facility where cash was paid in advance and spent about three years paying off the debt.
He got in touch with previous contacts and provided services including the supply and installation of public address systems, security systems, lighting and building television systems.
While he managed to get some projects, Ng said frequent changes in distribution channels were a huge challenge for him.
From time to time, there will be greater competition among participants in this industry to obtain distribution of some important products.
This will increase the cost of his offering these products, as it is more expensive to obtain them through a new dealer than to obtain them directly from the manufacturer.
"I decided to build my own product and no one can take it from me," he said . ".
In 1999, Ng began to develop its own speaker area selector panel.
After six months, his products will be available.
In the end, the customer starts to request devices with more features, such as having more control areas and more panels, such as voice message players and matrix controllers.
In 2004, in order to adapt to the increase in production, Wu transferred his business to a rental factory in Puchong. by 2012, he had stopped the distribution business and focused on manufacturing.
Instead, he assigned other dealers to sell his products.
So far, Amperes has more than 120 products, from amplifiers to speakers produced in 12,000 square feet of factories.
"Having our own products gives us a sense of accomplishment.
"With this, we have the motivation to make sure our products are reliable and built with high quality finishing," Ng said . ".
They even exported their products to more than 20 countries in the Middle East and South.
East Asia, including Singapore, Vietnam and the UAE.
In 2016, the company achieved a revenue of 30% yuan, of which revenue came from the export market.
There is more potential to tap, says Ng, which means there is a lot of room for the company to grow.
He hopes to build ampeil into a global brand that will allow his 30-year-old employees to take pride in the brand.
"However, Malaysia is not aware of the production of this equipment, so there is a lot of compelling things to do," he said . ".
His strategy to win the market is to provide better prices while maintaining the quality of the product.
Next, Ng said that they are developing products that are in line with the internet of things era and users can control devices with smartphones.
"In the early days, the walls where the cables were installed were heavily hacked.
Today, a lot of things can be done as long as fiber is properly installed, and the rest can be handled by wireless communication, "he said.
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