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5 Ways a Wireless Security System Impacts Internet Speeds

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-06
Recently, wireless security systems have become more and more popular in the home.
While they are increasingly being adopted by homeowners, one question users are reluctant to consider is, \"How much data does wireless home security consume?
\"It is true that some cameras use less data, and other wireless security systems use more data.
We will explore five ways in which home security systems affect the speed of the Internet.
Needless to say, the more cameras, the more data they use.
The good thing is that, unlike the use of sensors, cameras can cover a wide range of areas, which makes people need quite a few cameras.
Most home security systems can easily use two or four cameras without putting pressure on the home internet.
The quality of the picture is called Resolution.
More data is used for high resolution camera settings.
You don\'t need to install high in this case
Resolution camera on home security network.
The most common home security camera offers a camera resolution of 1080 p, which is not as powerful as an Android or iPhone smartphone;
But it is enough to provide good pictures.
The frame rate is defined as the speed at which the image is displayed per second, also known as the frame.
If the FPS of the camera is high, then the camera will consume more data.
The image shows less FPS than the video display.
That\'s why in most cases the camera system that provides a snapshot rather than a video transfer option is the best option.
For example, there are cameras that use 1.
Image 5 FPS, video about 20 FPS.
The video recorded from the camera is stored in a small hard drive.
If you don\'t have NVR, your videos are often uploaded to the cloud;
Even if you don\'t use the camera, the process uses data.
But if you have NVR, the data will only be used for viewing of the camera lens.
The constantly photographed wireless camera can use up to 60 gb of data during the monthly upload process.
When you are familiar with the IP camera settings, you will select the correct camera format as needed.
For example, if you want to increase your storage space, use
The 264 format is a better option because it will reduce the storage space of the IP camera, which has less impact on your network.
It\'s safer because of the reality
Consciousness of time is possible.
Through the connection to the secure cellular connection.
Easy to install.
It is versatile and flexible because you can move sensors at home to track various entry points.
It\'s easy to extend your home security system.
While some homeowners prefer wired security, technology will continue to evolve.
Most of the monitored home safety solutions do not like to switch to wireless systems, and the wire cutting machine is at a disadvantage.
Still, the new technology makes life easier here.
When you see new home safety systems, they allow us to have a firm grip on the safety of our home and allow us to reduce some of our utility bills.
Consider switching to a smart wireless system for your home and you will see how convenient it is for you.
Protect your home alarm.
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