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Ansjer cctv-10 nifty new things that could make our homes smarter and greener English

10 nifty new things that could make our homes smarter and greener

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-06
A series of new products including bacteria
Watch with paint and Apple
Controlling the lighting can change the way our family works in the future.
They don\'t just save energy and water.
They can also help avoid bird deaths, remove contaminants in the air, keep homes running during power outages, and provide safe drinking water to poor people around the world.
Although some are hightech and high-
Finally, the others are simple and cheap.
Here are 10 pieces presented at this year\'s International Conference and Expo on green architecture, the annual conference of the American private Architecture AssociationS.
The Green Building Council ended in the capital on Friday.
The incandescent lamp was like this yesterday, but the led (
It is no longer just 10 times the energy saving.
They are smarter and more versatile now, even in the closet.
Take the two new-sized LED wall cabinet lights introduced last month.
\'We have added an occupancy sensor to make it easier to save money, \'says lighting company Kenneth Kemp. The 18-
The inch version, which retails for less than $50, automatically shuts down after 30 seconds without movement.
The debut of this year\'s Apple Watch has given a bigger boost to lighting technology.
Wearable electronics can now operate LEDs, compact fluorescent lamps, CFLs, and smart thermostats remotely.
It found out that you were leaving the house and issued an alarm asking if you wanted to turn off the lights, which made Caseta Wireless dimmer and switch available on the store and on the Web, said Caitlin Helterline of Lutron.
The Lutron system works with the Apple family suite, a smart product that communicates with each other.
For example, it can tell Siri to turn off the lights or turn on my kitchen curtains.
This is not all.
Since its wireless system with HomeKit-
With the thermostat and smoke detector enabled, it can automatically turn on the lights in your home to help you find your way out.
On November 19, 2015, in Washington, D. C. , a green building tourist looked at Lutron\'s Caseta Wireless system, which allows customers to remotely turn off lights on their smartphones or Apple WatchesC.
This integration is part of the smart home revolution in which network devices can also be operated remotely via a smartphone or watch.
Several companies, including Crestron, have launched home automation devices that allow users to set up security alerts, program room temperatures, or start a lot of laundry.
Smart ceiling fan is coming.
Hai sentence line with big ass is a manufacturer of luxury modern fans with technology.
With the motion sensor, it knows when you enter or leave the room so it can be turned on or off automatically.
It also monitors the temperature and humidity of the room in order to adjust the fan speed when conditions change.
How is it done?
Tess Simon of the company says the fans and thermostats talk to each other.
All this information is cheap.
Fans with SenseMe and LED lights cost at least $1,000.
They are also very smart.
Another product that can be remotely operated via the iPad app is discolored window glass such as SageGlass Simplicity, a glass window for commercial buildings that can be darkened or brightened to control glare and
Expensive windows that can be adjusted like engines also start to enter the residential market.
We see this become more mainstream in the next five years.
Robin Hanna of California says end home
Based on the view, this makes the color changing dynamic glass and the size introduced larger (10-feet by 16-feet)
This week\'s pane. When a low-
Apply the voltage current, the glass reflects or absorbs the light and changes the color.
In darker shades, the multi-solar-heated glass can reflect that few air conditioners are necessary, and the company says adding it can reduce peak cooling by up to 23%, compared to standard glass windows.
The new glass option also protects birds, with hundreds of millions of birds dying each year from collisions with Windows. (
Learn how glass holds them. )
Arnold glass produces commercial Ornilux bird protection glass, but this year another company has introduced a similar product that can be used in the home.
It will be high-
Alexis Orozco in Los Angeles says this is the last residential areabased GlasPro.
Since the spectrum of birds is different from that of humans, she says, GlasPro adds UV interlayers to the windows, enabling birds to see patterns and avoid collisions.
Windows is seeing other innovations.
Manufacturer Marvin now sells tones that are seamlessly mounted on doors and windows and roll up and down.
Jeff sieverhouse of the company says it looks like an integral part of the window, adding that they have about 80% Marvin products. Netherlands-
Verosol, who makes curtains and blinds, is stepping up the game.
In the next two months, it will provide a product that reflects 74% of the sun\'s heat, so that little energy is absorbed.
Verosol January Henk Dekker says you can sit by the window on a sunny day and not feel the heat.
You can see the view without glare.
Electricity is also saving energy.
One example is the Whirlpool. pump dryer. While most U. S.
Tumble dryer-
The drying technology can drain excess heat and moisture outside, and this container-free option can condense moisture from the drum and return excess heat.
So Whirlpool says it uses 40% less energy than a standard dryer.
Hybridcare is gentle to clothes and does not require ventilation and air conditioning to save energy, eliminate fire risks, simplify installation and expand placement options, buildingehr wrote in the top ten product reviews in 2016, Brent elishi of BuildingGreen.
Beautiful and eco-friendly restaurantfriendly.
This is almost a dizzying array of options, and the trend continues.
Several companies, including IceStone and Cosentino, offer quartz-
Like products containing recycled materials.
This year, at the request of Virginia consumers,
The Geos-based countertop range has expanded to include White options for 65% recycled glass.
The wine made in China is to keep the price, about to keep the price higher, says Gios Liz Miller
Competitive quartz.
People visit 1,620square-foot, solar-
Electric demo home built by New Hampshire
United House based at the November 19, 2015 Green Building fair in Washington, D. C. C.
As we all know, white paint can reflect heat and keep the building cool, but paint of various colors can do other things besides coating walls. (
Learn how scientists develop glassbased paint. )
Two new products will enter the market early next year, which may help clean the environment. New York-
Based in puerti will start the United StatesS.
Distribution of Boysen\'s noxout, the company claims to be the first air cleaning paint in the world.
It uses light energy to break down smoke-
Make nitrogen oxide harmless.
Sherwin Williams is launching outPaint Shield, initially only available in the USS. stores.
The company said it was the first microbial-killing paint registered in the United States. S.
The Environmental Protection Agency can kill more than 99 people.
9% of S. aureus
E. coli and other bacteria within two hours of exposure to the paint surface.
While the company is expected to attract hospitals in particular, it is also expected to use homes.
About $85 a gallon.
How low will they go?
Not long ago, it was the industry\'s norm to flush toilets with five gallons of water each time.
The use of the new is reduced by 80%, and some are reduced.
After years of development, Toto launched a toilet bowl for every gallon in 2013.
Niagara, it has four-
Five in a gallon, and a pair soon.
Wash out the flushing version of liquid waste using half a gallon.
In order for the bathroom to maintain the flavor of this smaller flush, Kohler has a new Purefresh toilet seat that uses a carbon filter to deodorant the air.
This $122 seat can be used with any slim toilet, built in
The fan is activated when the user is sitting in the seat.
It is equipped with an eight
LED night light for hours.
Tesla\'s Elon Musk, who made headlines this year, plans to build a battery for energy storage. Yet Pittsburgh-
Aquion Energy, a derivative of Carnegie Mellon University, beat him with a saline battery pack.
This product can be used for non-grid, solar-
Especially in places like Hawaii, the grid.
It\'s expensive to tie electricity.
Aquion\'s Chris Rigetti said that since the announcement of Masco, our interest in energy stores has increased a lot, noting that his company\'s website traffic has since doubled.
He said he was not worried about Tesla\'s dominance, adding that Tesla is a big market.
Many of the items presented at Greenbuild are expensive, but there are exceptions.
Known for its faucets, toilets and showerheads, Kohler launched an \"exciting\" product this week.
Its clean water filtration system is designed to help 1.
8 billion people worldwide do not have safe drinking water.
Kohler\'s Tim White says you can put in any form of dirty water and come out with safe drinking water.
The company said it eliminated more than 99% of the pollutants and met World Health Organization standards.
Clarity will cost $17 to $20 and will last four years for families, after which they will need a $5 replacement cartridge, which will last two years, White said.
He estimates that the system costs less than 1 cent per day.
This story is part of a special series to explore energy issues.
For more, please visit the huge energy challenges.
On Twitter: Follow Wendy Koch to get more environmental and energy coverage at NatGeoEnergy.
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